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BOF Circles (transmutation) by dazkaj9 BOF Circles (transmutation) by dazkaj9
based on my characters. (identifying which is which earns you a drawing, if i told you, you're disqualified and if you post the answers here or anywhere, no one gets anything. *crazy eyes* (it's all or nothing, i will only respond to correct answers)

inspired by FMA

just kinda spewing here
--commencing spew--
it would be interesting if instead of a written name, you can identify yourself with a unified symbol. one little drawing that represents yourself. that can serve as a conduit for your energy and persona. as you grow, you add things to your symbol, you become a more fleshed out character as you're developed. you also remove things that aren't you anymore.

the circle represents the physical form, if your star goes outside of it, your personality outshines your physical form, if your star is safely within the confines of your circle, people only generally get to see the outside, the "inner" person is hidden under layers, represented by concentric circles.

The star creates the vague details of your character. the number of points represent your alignment, odd points represent a dark alignment full of selfishness and desire, whereas even numbered would represent a neutral or "light" alignment, where you are focused on outward things, where your energy is focused on helping, manipulating, or affecting the lives of other people. odd people suck in, desiring attention, but resenting it when they get too much, even people push out, getting attention but ignoring it, being more aloof to people putting their energy into you, and more aware of the energy you're putting out.

a non-pointed star represents both manipulators (putting energy out to serve themselves) and those who give everything they are given away.

these designs would be used to indicate a presence in a room, much like a portrait or family crest, signifying that they're there "in spirit" magic users can use them as conduits, moving their presence, senses, or even bodies if they're powerful enough.

a symmetrical circle is indicative of balance. circles with fewer lines of symmetry make less balanced people. someone with no lines of symmetry in their circle represents someone with unchecked emotions who are unstable and prone to outbursts. people with increasing lines of symmetry have increasing stability and self-control, until it becomes infinity, just a number of concentric circles, barriers to a clear inner self, without need or desire, without intent. An uninvolved bystander capable of seeing eternity without intervening. by this logic, a Deist God's circle would be infinite concentric circles, while a schizophrenic would have no symmetry at all, no pattern.

iconography (letters and other symbols) are also valid parts of a circle. a phrase or representation of an interest, a talent, or, in a broader sense, a part of someone can be directly included, but use discretion, because the more you change your circle, the more difficult it is to use as identification or as a conduit. a major update to the circle you choose to represent yourself, requires you to update any extensions to work properly.


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November 13, 2012
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